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More than a test

This AI-powered assessment is part of a comprehensive solution that allows you to customize tests, monitor test-takers' progress, and review score data and analytics. It also includes a user guide and proctoring features.

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Prep & administration guides

Our user guide is available in local languages to help users and their administrators know what to expect from the Speaknow exam. We provide training and resources to best manage assessments and interpret data to show you best practices for successful implementation.

Assessment & scoring 

The AI-powered assessment offers a quick and adaptable evaluation of English proficiency. It tailors questions to each test-taker's skill level and covers listening, reading, speaking and writing, measuring their true and authentic English proficiency.

Aligned with the CEFR, an internationally recognized language standard, the assessment provides a clear metric for language proficiency, while AI and human grading ensure precise and reliable results.

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Security & Proctoring

To ensure the integrity of each test and prevent cheating, the assessment uses a variety of state-of-the-art anti-cheating measures.

An AI-powered proctoring system detects common methods of tampering, such as leaving a browser tab, external assistance, copying, reading, multiple voices, external browser extensions (such as Grammarly or ChatGPT), and more.

Dashboard & analytics

The Assessment Management System (AMS) makes it easy to manage your assessments and review test results.

In this system, you can create customized tests that fit your needs, choosing settings such as the skills to be assessed, language of instructions (including your local language), and project timeframes. As the tests progress, the AMS keeps you updated on their status. Once a test is finished, the AMS generates detailed reports that you can share with test-takers or keep confidential, depending on your preferences.

The system also provides administrators with useful data and analytics in a format that's easy to understand, and the ability to quickly sort and filter results and information.

Mapping & diagnostics

Using assessment results, the AMS can help you map and benchmark your test-takers. Our pedagogical team is available to guide you in this process and help you set your own customized scores, or levels for admission, placement, or hiring.

Customization Services

Our AI-powered assessment is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

If you require something a bit different, our expert pedagogical team is here to help customize a solution that fits your unique situation.

Customer success & support

Throughout this process, if you ever have questions or need any assistance, please know that we're here to help. Our customer success and support teams are available to you through various channels.

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