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A (much) Better Way to Assess Communicative English Proficiency

The most accurate and unbiased AI-powered English language proficiency assessment.

Authentic Results. Proctored Testing. Affordable Solution.

Accessible, high-quality English assessment tests that accurately reflect the communicative proficiency of test-takers, including job candidates and students, at all proficiency levels.


From elementary and high school
to college, university, and adult students

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Workplace Recruitment and Employee Development

Assessing prospective hires and current employees enrolled in professional development programs

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Assessment projects overseen by Labor and Education ministries

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The Power of AI Testing

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, the English test is more accurate, secure and unbiased. The results are faster, and the test is more affordable and accessible.

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Genuine evaluation

Our in-house AI ensures the most authentic results by assessing English proficiency only through open-ended questions. In contrast, other tests rely on tasks with right and wrong answers or repetition to measure individual aspects of proficiency. This prevents them from providing a genuine evaluation of communication skills.

By changing the test from attempt to attempt and tailoring each question based on the test-taker's previous answers, we make sure that results depend on the test-taker’s actual English skills, not on memorization tricks.

AI-powered four-skills assessment, fast results

Our assessment goes beyond counting correct and incorrect answers; it's a comprehensive evaluation of English skills.

The assessment consists of four-skills tests that can be taken individually or in any combination: listening, reading, speaking and writing. And no matter which combination you choose, you get the results within 2 hours!

Proctored and secure

Our AI provides open-ended questions that require authentic answers, using proctoring protocols to prevent pre-fab answers and generated responses.

This advanced proctoring system uses a variety of tools, including detection of AI-generated responses and reading aloud, to ensure the integrity of the test is safeguarded at all times, whether the test is taken on a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Activate the anti-cheating solution

Backed by humans

Our AI grading is backed up by human raters. Human raters check a percentage of the AI-scored exams, allowing constant readjustment and improvement of the AI algorithms.

Whenever an exam is flagged for cheating, it is reviewed by at least one human rater to ensure fairness.

Better, Faster, Smarter

Highest Accuracy | Communicative Approach | Fastest Results | AI Powered Security & Proctoring | User friendly


The Added Value

Accessible, user-friendly tests

Our test is intuitive and user-friendly and can be taken wherever, whenever. In fact, a computer or smartphone is all test-takers need to verify their English skills for a new job or academic program.

This approach makes the exam both cost-effective and highly accessible, significantly widening the applicant pool and adding a new level of inclusivity.

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A complete, comprehensive solution

Our holistic solution comes complete with helpful features. These include a user guide in multiple languages that helps users understand the exam, and an Assessment Management System that streamlines administration and customization, allowing you to choose the exam type, monitor progress, enable digital proctoring, and review data and analytics.

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Professional guidance for customized tests

Our pedagogical expert team is here to help you craft tailored assessments, allowing you to align the English proficiency assessment with your unique requirements.

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ALTE Associate Member

ALTE is an association of language test providers who work together to promote the fair and accurate assessment of linguistic ability across Europe and beyond.


ILTA Associate Member

ILTA is an international group of language testing and assessment scholars and practitioners whose dedication and work are respected both within and outside the profession, and who together define what it means to be a language tester.

Aligned with the CEFR standard

Our AI English assessment is designed to measure authentic English communication skills according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This framework is the most widely used proficiency scale worldwide, providing a clear and consistent measure of abilities to communicate in English.

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