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Fast, Authentic, Reliable
AI Powered English Assessment
for Success in Academia and the Workforce

Speaknow is the only English assessment solution on the market to test real-life communication skills through natural speech and writing.

Why Speaknow?

Our English language test combines state-of-the-art AI with expert linguistics research. We assess natural speech and writing and are the first choice of companies and educational institutions around the world.

Authentic Language Assessment

The only language proficiency assessment on the market that uses both free speech and real-time written responses in order to provide a full, detailed score. Details such as pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency and structure are evaluated in depth, showing the full spectrum of proficiency indicating strengths as well as areas needing improvement.

Validity & Reliability

Speaknow provides the most reliable test of English capabilities currently available based on extensive research by our VP of Linguistics, Research and Assessment, Elisabeth Levi, Ph.D and the CEFR “can-do” statements.

Fast Assessment, Fast Results

Speaknow evaluates all four components of language proficiency: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Each component is assessed within a timeframe of 10 minutes or less. Once the material is analysed by our state-of-the-art grading system, results are available in as little as 5 minutes for your efficient decision making.

Cost-Cutting & Added-Value or Value-Adding

Accurate assessment helps your institution avoid misplacements and mis-hires, which studies show are direct causes for student failure and corporate losses. Reliable assessment prevents unnecessary costs to your institution.

CEFR Aligned

The Speaknow assessment is built according to the rubric of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), providing results which are accepted internationally.

Accent Agnostic Grading

The Speaknow Assessment tests clarity, rather conformity to a specific accent standard, offering people of all backgrounds equal opportunity to succeed.

Adaptable Assessment to Suit Your Needs

We want you to get what you need from our test. Our assessment can be personalised to identify and assess skills which suit your specific needs. We also cater to a wide range of industries with content applicable to education, corporate or individual assessment.

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Not Just How You Speak

Our assessment offers a detailed report outlining how the applicant reads, writes, understands and speaks English. Speaknow’s open-ended AI-solution evaluates both freely spoken and written language, rather than asking simple questions and repeating sentences.

Speaknow’s test is about more than answering questions; it’s about proving your communication capabilities.


Test scores must provide the right information for you to make the right decisions. Our alignment to the CEFR means that the scores you receive are much more than numbers. Our score report provides clear insights into the TEST taker’s strengths and weaknesses with easily understood and detailed descriptions.

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Fast and User-Friendly

Our test can be taken wherever and whenever, on desktop and mobile devices. Speaknow’s assessment is the fastest on the market with results arriving within minutes of completion, and is your first step in vetting your applicants, getting you to the right people faster.


"Speaknow’s service is one-of-a-kind, over the course of the years we have been able to increase initial evaluation effectiveness by more than 50% and assessment cost was cut by more than 60%!"

Dafna M., Head of Talent Acquisiton at EY

"One thing we cannot compromise on is the English abilities of the organization. Speaknow provides us with a reliable and convenient solution to integrate English testing into our screening processes. For us, it is crucial for our employees to have an international standard of English"

Tali R., Partner and Chief People Officer at JVP

"Speaknow has helped us prepare our students to reach the standards for International English before they begin their careers."

Jonathan S., Head of English Department at The College of Management Academic Studies