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Academic study requires long hours and commitment from students and faculty in order to succeed. Those hours become longer when language is a barrier. Reduce the risk down the line and assess your students’ English abilities now.

Opening up the World of Education

You are an institution that wants to increase educational access. Let Speaknow help you.


The modern student needs a new kind of test. A traditional assessment of English language skills costs an average of 225 USD. That's too expensive for many student migrants or students from developing countries. Get the results you need and let your students save their money for other important things.


Make sure your students have the ability to succeed in English. We assess the abilities of students use language for its most important function - communication.


With Speaknow’s anti-cheating measures, you can be sure that no one else is taking the test in the candidate’s place and that no outside tools or help are used.


Whether as part of the admissions process or a pre-test/post-test for an English studies program, the Speaknow test can help you assess your students' language skills.