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What Makes Speak Different?

About Speaknow

We are an AI English language assessment, the only language proficiency assessment on the market using both free speech and natural writing to provide a full, detailed score.

Our grading combines both AI and expert human linguists to offer the most accurate and reliable results.

Why Speaknow?

Our English language test combines state-of-the-art AI with expert linguistics research. We assess natural speech and writing and are the first choice of companies and educational institutions around the world.

Authentic Language Assessment

The only language proficiency assessment on the market that uses both free speech and real-time written responses in order to provide a full, detailed score. Details such as pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency and structure are evaluated in depth, showing the full spectrum of proficiency indicating strengths as well as areas needing improvement.

Validity & Reliability

Speaknow provides the most reliable test of English capabilities currently available based on extensive research by our VP of Linguistics, Research and Assessment, Elisabeth Levi, Ph.D and the CEFR “can-do” statements.

Fast Assessment, Fast Results

Speaknow evaluates all four components of language proficiency: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Each component is assessed within a timeframe of 10 minutes or less. Once the material is analysed by our state-of-the-art grading system, results are available in as little as 5 minutes for your efficient decision making.

Cost-Cutting & Value-Adding

Accurate assessment helps your institution avoid misplacements and mis-hires, which studies show are direct causes for student failure and corporate losses. Reliable assessment prevents unnecessary costs to your institution.

CEFR Aligned

The Speaknow assessment is built according to the rubric of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), providing results which are accepted internationally.

Accent Agnostic Grading

The Speaknow Assessment tests clarity, rather conformity to a specific accent standard, offering people of all backgrounds equal opportunity to succeed.

Not just another assessment

We have made it our mission to ensure that we are unlike any other assessment on the market.
Our extensive research has created an exam fit for all users, giving them their highest chance at success.

Speaknow’s Assessment is about more than just answering questions; it's about
proving communication capabilities and probability of long-term success.


AI Higher scores for Louder Answers Higher Scores for Repetition Grades Speaking Fill-in-the-Blanks Provides Results with Low
AI + Human Validation Verifies Context and Content Relevancy & Authenticity Checks Grades Speaking and Writing Open Questions with Free Response Low Confidence Exams Rated by Human Graders
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Technology and Linguistics

The Speaknow Assessment uses cutting edge technology and the talents of an expert linguistics team. We combine the advantages of human language recognition and AI. The result? A test with the best of both worlds. Some exams grade automatically, but they cannot accurately score natural language, Our test is the only on the market which tests natural speech and writing to be both fast and cost-effective

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Results You Can Trust

Speaknow makes sure that your scores are similar to those of more expensive tests. We check that the results are consistent and fair.