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The Speaknow solution is a tailored experience using advanced technology to meet your industry's needs. With a variety of packages, we offer customisation options for the functionality and features of your assessment requirements

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Volume Hiring

Finding the right candidate is hard enough, but finding one with a high level of spoken and written English is even harder. Make the recruitment process smoother by leaving the heavy lifting to us. Simply send your candidates our exam and see the results for yourself in minutes.

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Academic study requires long hours and commitment from students and faculty in order to succeed. Those hours become longer when language is a barrier. Reduce the risk down the line and assess your students’ English abilities now.

Pricing for all industries

Professional For testing whenever,
wherever, whoever
Pay as You go (Monthly Invoice) 7 Day Trial Up to 20 Speaking Exams Tests fit to a variety of corporate roles (Sales, HR, etc) Anti-cheating Fail-safes Candidate Profile .csv export Multiple Project Administration Company Logo on Projects Credits Valid 30 Days And more…
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Executive For tailored care,
expert review
One Time Purchase in Advance 10 Day Trial Up to 50 Speaking Exams API Compatible White Labelling Custom Question Construction Custom Parameter Weighting Additional review by CEFR trained professionals Credits Valid 12 Months And more…
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Enterprise High-volume assessment for
large companies with consistent
hiring needs
Annual Subscription 14 Day Trial Up to 100 Speaking Exams Executive and Professional Settings - API Compatible Company Mapping Full Benchmarking Services Quarterly Rollover of Credits Exclusive Partnerships and additional Learning Services Terms Apply for 15 Months And more…
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